The National Platform of Self Advocates

The National Platform of Self Advocates is an independent organisation run by people with intellectual disabilities for people with intellectual disabilities. It is a membership organisation with an elected steering committee working on its strategic plan.

The group is founded on the right of people with intellectual disabilities to be included as equal citizens with rights as outlines in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Platform aims to be the nationally recognised spokes organisation on policy and issues affecting the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. It aims to be involved through representation by its members in local and national policy making groups.

The 2017 Steering Committee of the National Platform

Brian Hayes

Leinster Representative

Maria O'Mahony

Dublin Representative

Martin Dooher

Connaught Representative

Christina Burke

Connaught Representative

Stephen Kernaghan

Ulster Representative

Mairead Forde

Munster Representative

David Fraughen

Munster Representative

Brian Carroll

Munster Representative

Joe McGrath

Munster Representative

Dermot Lowndes

Leinster Representative

Sarah Jane Lavin

Leinster Representative

How we do our work for the Platform

The Steering Committee meet once a month in the Carmichael Centre.

Working Groups meet between meetings to do research and complete tasks. Working groups feedback to the steering committee.

All decisions are made by the steering group.  An executive committee make emergency decisions when the steering group cannot meet.

The Committee organise regional meetings to tell people about the National Platform. They listen to what people have to say about their lives at these meetings.

Members of the Committee speak at conferences and hold local meetings of Platform members. The Platform want to appoint representatives in all areas of Ireland. Representatives will hold meetings and feedback issues to the Steering Committee.

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