The National Platform of Self Advocates is run by people with intellectual disabilities for people with intellectual disabilities. We are a disability persons organisation, and the only DPO for people with intellectual disabilities in Ireland.

National Platform Activities

In the last 4 months we have been involved in and contributed to many consultations and policy submissions as well as delivering presentations at conferences.

Here is a lst of some of the work we have been involved in:

  • Member of IHREC’s Disability Advisory Committee, advising IHREC on the monitoring of the governments implementation of the UNCRPD
  • Member of the Board of Inclusion Ireland
  • Consultants to the Office of Minister Finian McGrath, Minister of State for Disability Issues
  • Launch of Stories of Social inclusion; Trinity College, NDA and Inclusion Ireland
  • Falling Through the Cracks; Senator Collette Kelleher
  • Making Rights Real for Prisoners’ with Disabilities Stakeholders Group; Irish Prisoner Reform Trust and CDLP
  • UNCRPD Roundtable Event; National Disability Authority
  • 11th International Disability Law Summer School Galway; CDLP
  • De-institutionalisation and the implementation of CRPD Article 19: Independent Living and being included in the community; IHREC
  • “Because we’re all Human. Means we’re all equal”; IHREC Disability Public Awareness Campaign
  • Review of Accessible Documents; Housing Agency
  • Employment and People with Intellectual Disabilities; National Platform of Self Advocates national meeting
  • Research Study on Costs of Disability; Indecon on behalf of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
  • Relationships and Sexuality for People with Intellectual Disabilities; Trinity College
  • Public Consultation on potential changes to the licence conditions for regular public bus passenger services with regard to accessibility; National Transport Authority
  • Consultation on Decent Work National Indicators, ESRI
  • Consultation on Inclusion and Diversity, Public Appointments Service

Upcoming Events

We have been invited to present at conferences being run by IHREC and the NDA during October.

Achieving Equality at Work: Reasonable Accommodation in Practice; IHREC
The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Past Lessons and Future Aspirations; NDA Annual Conference

We are very happy that our work has been recognised by government bodies and so many organisations nationally.

Funding Crisis

Currently the National Platform of Self Advocates have no source of funding and we are in financial crisis. We are hoping that the government will find a way to core fund our organisation. This would help to fulfill its international obligation under the UNCRPD to support the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in decision making around legislation and policy making.

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