This a Very Worrying situation Ireland has no Hate Crime Law in place and this is shows Ireland is behind the times and Basically

shows Ireland up as Country that dose not Care for its People who are Discriminated against like People with a Disability, were the Garda don’t Record the Crime as a hate crime And this Needs to Be Sorted out.

Also The Ratification of The UN Convention On THE Rights Of People With A disability What is 9 Years waiting to be Ratified in Ireland and the New Government need to stop passing this Convention around and Ratifie it and put it in to Irish law and also a hate crime law to protect people from a hate crime been committed against them and give the Garda guidelines and a law to Prosecute with .

So government need less Talk and more Action when it comes To Ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of people with disabilities and getting a law for a hate crime. See Below For More Information 

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) crime figures released yesterday (March 30th) show an increase in the number of recorded sexual offences against mentally impaired persons increased from 12 in 2014 to 22 in 2015. An increase of 83%.

Recorded sexual offences rarely lead to convictions. Of the 144 recorded sexual offences against mentally impaired persons between 2003 and 2012, only six lead to convictions (a conviction rate of 4%).

Ireland has not introduced law to give effect to the EU Directive on Victims’ Rights. The European Commission issued infringement proceedings against Ireland after the Government failed to inform the Commission what legislation they plan to put in place to implement the Directive.

It is now nine years since Ireland singed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)

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CSO figures show increase in recorded crime against people with disabilities

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