Strategic Plan


This page is about our Strategic Plan.

We have 3 goals.

Goal 1: To make the voice of the Platform stronger

Goal 2: To make the lives of people with a disability better

Goal 3: To become an independent organisation.

You can read more about our goals below.

Goal 1: Make the Voice of The Platform Stronger


Task 1. Get the National Platform known.

Task 2. Build a relationship with other disability groups and organisations.

Task 3. Connect with people who have a disability.


Goal 2 – Making the Lives of People With a Disability Better

Task 1. Make sure people with disability have good services.

Task 2. Make Sure People with disabilities know what good services are.

Task 3. We want people in power to do something to make the lives of people with disability better.

Goal 3 – To become an independent organisation.

Task 1. Decide what kind of organisation to be.

Task 2. Become an independent working organisation.

Task 3. Become independent in our thinking and policies.

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