Public Sector Duty Book Launch
Christina Burke represented the National Platform of Self-Advocates at the launch of Inclusion Ireland’s easy to read book and easy to read accessibility checklist about Public Sector Duty at the offices of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission on 27th November 2018.

The Public Sector Duty is an Irish law. It says that public services must protect and respect human rights and equality.

A public service is a service for everyone that is paid for by the government. Government departments, the HSE, county councils, libraries and the Gardaí are all public services.

The Public Sector Duty law says that public services must stop discrimination from happening. Discrimination is when people with disabilities do not get the same chances to take part as non-disabled people.

Public services must make sure that people using public services and their staff are treated the same as everyone else. They must also protect and respect the human rights of both the staff and the people using public services.

It is very important that public services are accessible to people with disabilities. People with disabilities should be employed by public services. Their offices should be accessible. Staff should be able to support people with disabilities by using plain English and easy to read documents.

Public services must give training to their staff on human rights and equality as part of the Public Sector Duty, and they have to check with people with disabilities to make sure their services are working well.
Inclusion Ireland’s book and checklist will make it easier for people with disabilities to understand the Public Sector Duty and to use the law to stand up for their rights, make complaints, and raise awareness. They are free to download from the Inclusion Ireland website.

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