Please sign this petition for law to brought forward for to protect people from hate crime in the Republic of Ireland to be brought in by the next government. 
Our P. R. O the National platform of self advocates Adrian Noonan Has Signed We Hope You will it will help to have hate crimes recorded against people who show Violence and intimidation and discrimination against people with disabilities & others minority groups to be stopped and a proper Sentence to be Handed down by the courts.


See Link below for more Details


We are calling for the government to enact the proposed Criminal Law (Hate Crime) Bill immediately, to protect people from various minorities in Ireland. We want to help break the silence on hate crime, encourage people to report racism and other hate attacks and to find effective ways to address it. This legislation can help to achieve that.

Why is this important?

Ireland, unlike most other EU countries, has no hate crime legislation.

you can copy and paste the Link Below to your Search Engine To sign the Petition   and Check out the campaign 

Sign petition for hate crime legislation:

Also here link to our P.R.O Adrian Noonan’s Blog below  


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