In September 2019, the National Platform of Self Advocates was successful in engaging a research grant from The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) to examine the barriers and potential answers to increasing the participation and retention of people with intellectual disabilities in employment.

Additional information about IHREC is available at

In order to ensure that employers are included in our recommendations to addressing the problem of poor inclusion strategies of people with intellectual disabilities in employment the National Platform is interested in learning how employers in various sectors feel they can successfully recruit and retain employees with intellectual disabilities. Your participation would add greatly to the success of this effort to identify successful practices and share them with other employers and policy makers. To this end we would be grateful if you would complete our survey which will take 5 minutes.
The link to our survey is:

Individually identifiable data will be accessible only to the authorised researcher. Individual responses will be analysed only in combination with other responses collected nationwide. The responses will not be linked with your organisation or with your name.
If you have any questions or concerns about participating in this research you may call:

Supervisory Research Analyst, The National Platform of Self Advocates Research Team – 091 55 75 95

Thank you for your assistance in this important research.

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