Goal 2
Making the Lives of People With a Disability Better

Task 1. Make sure people with disability have good services

Research the issue of housing and for people with a disability, including independent housing and good standards of housing.
Research the issue of transport for people with a disability including access to services such as shops and also access for people for people living in rural areas.

Task 2. Make Sure People with Disabilities Have Good Services

Tell people with a disability about how to get a house – through a leaflet or guide.
Meet CEO’s of services to talk about housing and transport needs of people with a disability.
Pass on information on services available for people with a disability, nationally and in their areas, for example, in relation to work and training.

Task 3. We want people in power to do something to make the lives of people with disability better.

Contact County Councils and let them know what people with a disability need in terms of housing and transport.
Inform TD’s and Ministers in charge of housing and transport and tell them what they need to do.

The Platform will know it has achieved goal 2 by:
• Keeping a log of people they meet who have seen the information they have written
• Send the research and give presentations to TD’s and Ministers – tell them what we need.
• Keeping a log of how many people ask for more copies of the information the Platform writes. We hope to have 14 groups asking for extra copies.
• Keep a log of how many County Councils the Platform meets and what they agree to do – for example sign a charter. We hope to meet at least 10 county councils by 2016.

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