Goal 1: Make the Voice of The Platform Stronger


Task 1. Get the National Platform known.

6 radio/ tv interviews
5 newspaper ads
4 newspaper interviews
Set up a website
Make a DVD or audio tape

Task 2. Build a relationship with other disability groups and organisations.

Make a list of disability service groups and organisations
Send out a newsletter 3 times a year
Make an information booklet about the National Platform and its work

Task 3. Connect with people who have a disability.

Visit 3 disability services (in Year 1) and 5 (in year 2 & 3) to talk about the Platform
Go to 3 conferences (Year 1) & 5 Conferences (Year 2 & 3) to speak about the Platform
Have a National Conference every two years (or every year if finances allow)
Have 2 regional meetings a year.


The Platform will know it has achieved Goal 1 by
• Increasing its facebook/twitter followers from 95-550 by December 2017
• Increasing its members (individual contacts) from 150 to 300 by December 2017
• Increasing its membership from new places like Kerry, Cork, Mayo, Cavan, Donegal, Meath, Longford, Offaly, and Sligo.
• Meeting with 8-9 groups/organisations by December 2016
• Having heard back from/been asked for information from 10 organisations/groups
• Visiting 5 services in year 1 and meet 200 people by December 2016
• By being invited to speak at 5 conferences by the end of 2016

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