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RTE News Are Reporting on Disability not been Made a Issue by The Partys and it The Disability Issues  Should  of been one of the Biggest Issues During  The General Election.

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 It is an issue that affects 600,000 people and their families across all 40 constituencies. Yet if you look back across the 22 days of the campaign, it barely got a mention, writes Conor McMorrow of RTÉ’s Political Staff.

It featured in few radio or television debates and filled few column inches.

While the size of the fiscal space, the fate of the Special Criminal Court, crime, opinion polls and ‘Castlebar’s whingers’ dominated an unremarkable campaign, disability issues garnered little attention.

Gary Lee, director of the Centre for Independent Living in Dublin, a disability organisation governed by people with disabilities, says there is great disappointment among disability activists as the campaign comes to an end.

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