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And we want to share The The Disable Inequality Logo use the logo as your profile picture or Back round of your Facebook,Twitter or Gooogle Plus pages 

To get the Message out Their To Disable Inequality 

From The National Platform Of Self Advocates Public Relations Team 

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We are delighted to say we have had over 20,000 hits to the Disable Inequality Website, we have nearly 1,400 Facebook followers and over 450 on Twitter. Facebook has reported our posts reached over 292,335 people since it was developed! This week our posts reached 28,889 with 1,061 people engaging by liking, sharing and commenting.

  • Adopt our twibbon – here
  • Share a photo on line of you holding the Disable Inequality logo, you can print it off here
  • Ask 3 Powerful Question to Candidates you meet, and ask them to commit to them publicly – you can get the questions here
  • Use our Contact Your Candidate Tool to send an email to your local candidates – here
  • Do whatever you can to support people with disabilities to share their stories of inequality on the Disable Inequality website
  • Most importantly – vote on 26th February!

Highlights from the speeches at the launch are given in the video below and are well worth a look!

Thanks for your support 

Shared from Disable Inequality Campaign Team 



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